2017 Walk for Kenna

The 2017 Walk for Kenna on Saturday, June 3rd was a HUGE success thanks to all of you.

I want to Thank the following sponsors:

Wegmans Food Markets, The Garden Factory, The Rochester Amerks, The Rochester Red Wings, Pat, Christina and Ryenne Dadey, Bill and Ann Dadey, Chris Dadey, Spectrum Business Class, Shmegs, Sparx of Creativity, Black Bird Design, Clowning by Kandi Kiss, Zuper Eventz, Starbucks in Westgate Plaza, Leo Bean and Sons, Instant Again, Salon Eleganza, Maria and Keith Rugg, Melissa Cruz, Advantage Federal Credit Union, NU-Look Collision and SERVPRO.

I want to thank all of the establishments who donated gift cards to our raffle. It was a huge hit!

I want to thank Ryan Konko for designing the website and Facebook Page

I am so grateful and blessed to live in such a wonderful community. The outpouring of love and support at the Walk for Kenna was just amazing… and continues to be. From all those willing to give of their time to all of the donors and sponsors of the Walk for Kenna. It just shows what an impact Kenna not only had on us but had on all of you. She was a GREAT kid… a daughter who always made dad proud… magenta hair and all. I had to stop a few times the morning after the event to regain my composure after seeing some of the notes people wrote and the checks people signed. I hope by doing events like this we AS A COMMUNITY raise awareness of Anxiety, Depression, and Teen Suicide (which is now the 2nd leading cause of deaths in teenagers). I don’t want another parent to see what I saw, have to do what I did, and now feel the way I feel… It is unbearable. If you are suffering please Speak up and Reach Out! This is nothing to sweep under the rug… we need to speak about this and let our children know its ok to come forward and not to suffer in silence.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, the Walk for Kenna raised just over $8,000!

Again… Thank you so much and if you have any ideas or suggestions for next year please let me know.

Pat Dadey

Kenna’s Father